Get the Foundation to SharePoint Success!

  • Navigating SharePoint

    SharePoint is NOT the most intuitive product. We will teach you the proper terminology and and the skills to easily navigate through SharePoint.

  • Working with Lists

    Lists are like Excel sheets or tables. We show you the in's and out's of working with SharePoint lists to store and maintain your data!

  • Working with Libraries

    Libraries store files in SharePoint. We will teach you all the best practices to working with files in SharePoint libraries.

Course Curriculum

    1. Using TekDog University

    2. Before you get started

    3. Meet the instructor

    4. About this Course

    5. Introduction to SharePoint

    6. Introduction to Bike Kayak Columbus

    7. Navigating SharePoint

    1. Updating your Profile

    2. SkyDrive Pro - OneDrive

    3. My Blog

    4. My Tasks

    1. Overview of Lists

    2. Creating New List Items

    3. Editing List Items

    4. Deleting List Items

    5. Restoring Deleted Items

    6. Setting Alerts

    7. Export to Excel

    1. Overview of Doc Libraries

    2. Uploading a Document

    3. Uploading Multiple Documents

    4. Using Explorer View

    5. One Truth - Document Management Best Practices

    6. Editing Document Properties

    7. Editing Documents

    8. Sending Links to Files

    9. Identifying Versioning

    10. Working with Document Versioning

    11. Working with Check-in Check-out

    12. SharePoint End User 2013 Quiz

About this course

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  • 30 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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