Get the foundation to SharePoint success!

  • Navigating SharePoint

    SharePoint is NOT the most intuitive product. We will teach you the proper terminology and and the skills to easily navigate through SharePoint.

  • Working with Lists

    Lists are like Excel sheets or tables. We show you the in's and out's of working with SharePoint lists to store and maintain your data!

  • Working with Libraries

    Libraries store files in SharePoint. We will teach you all the best practices to working with files in SharePoint libraries.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to SharePoint 2013
    • Using TekDog University
    • Before you get started
    • Meet the instructor
    • About this Course
    • Introduction to SharePoint
    • Introduction to Bike Kayak Columbus
    • Navigating SharePoint
  • 2
    About Me
    • Updating your Profile
    • SkyDrive Pro - OneDrive
    • My Blog
    • My Tasks
  • 3
    Working with Lists
    • Overview of Lists
    • Creating New List Items
    • Editing List Items
    • Deleting List Items
    • Restoring Deleted Items
    • Setting Alerts
    • Export to Excel
  • 4
    Working with Libraries
    • Overview of Doc Libraries
    • Uploading a Document
    • Uploading Multiple Documents
    • Using Explorer View
    • One Truth - Document Management Best Practices
    • Editing Document Properties
    • Editing Documents
    • Sending Links to Files
    • Identifying Versioning
    • Working with Document Versioning
    • Working with Check-in Check-out
    • SharePoint End User 2013 Quiz

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