Course Highlights

  • Sites

    Learn the skills required to create and manage SharePoint sites and subsites. Learn about site layouts, pages, and working with App Parts & Web Parts.

  • Permissions

    Learn how to protect your site data. Add/Remove users from your sites. Learn the in's and out's of SharePoint group and individual permissions

  • Business Solutions

    Learn how to apply your new skills in creating business solutions including creating sites, subsites, lists, libraries, permissions, views and more!

Course Curriculum

    1. Using TekDog University

    2. Before you get started


    1. Introduction Part 1

    2. Introduction Part 2

    3. Accessing your Lab Site

    4. Navigating SharePoint

    5. Introduction to Bike Kayak Columbus

    6. Updating your Sites Look and Feel

    7. Updating Site Content

    1. Inranet Business Case

    2. Homepage Site Content

    3. Creating Accounting Department Site

    4. Updating Accounting Site Content

    5. Creating Customers Site

    6. Creating Human Resources Dep Site

    7. Creating the Marketing Department Site

    8. Creating the Sales Dept Site

    1. Introduction to SharePoint Permissions

    2. Updating Intranet Permissions

    3. Adding Users to Groups

    4. Removing Users

    5. Updating Accounting Permissions

    6. Updating Customers Permissions

    7. Updating Human Resources Permissions

    8. Updating Marketing Permissions

    9. Updating Sales Permissions

    1. Overview of Lists and Libraries

    2. Adding Contenet to our Homepage Part 1

    3. Adding Content to our Homepage Part 2

    4. Adding Content to the Accounting Site

    5. Adding Content to the HR Site Part 1

    6. Adding Content to the HR Site Part 2

    7. Adding Content to the Marketing Site

    8. Sales Department Site

    1. Customer Portal Functionality

    2. Creating Customer List

    3. Creating Waiver Documents

    4. Customer Views

About this course

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  • 65 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

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