About Us

TekDog Inc. was started in the basement of an Ohio home, by one man, armed with an idea of being the best little SharePoint consultant he could be. And that’s what we did. Shortly after, we noticed that we would provide clients with the latest and greatest technologies, but no one knew how to use them. [insert light bulb]

At TekDog, we bring creative and innovative solutions to both individuals and enterprises that drive adoption rates and ROI in the SharePoint and Nintex space. Put simply, we provide clients with technological assets and make sure they have the capabilities to leverage them to meet their needs – with no loss of productivity and no travel. That’s correct, we bring the show to you.

What makes TekDog different is very simple. Passion. SharePoint and Nintex Workflow training & consulting has turned into a full Business Process Automation suite of capabilities.  We have expertise in building workflows and forms in SPARKnit and Microsoft Power Platform in addition to our Nintex foundation. We don’t try to be everything to everybody, after all, there are enough of those companies out there. We prefer to offer boutique services where we can be industry leaders and experts. So that’s who we are… a few people trying to make a big difference while having a good time doing it. You can’t take yourself too seriously when you name your company TekDog, right?

Our experts have knowledge on nearly every platform available and offer quality training and consulting on all of them.  With over 25 years of IT experience, rest assured that your company is in extremely capable hands.

A few of the more common platforms we are ready to consult on, in addition to Nintex and SharePoint, include: JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, jQuery, Java, XML, AWS, Oracle, and PHP. Wondering if your is on our list? Just ask!

Kerry Kicos

Kerry Kicos is the President of TekDog Inc. She started at TekDog Inc. 2013 and took over as President in 2021. She will ensure that if you are looking for business process automation consulting, training or advice TekDog has your back. She loves her role managing TekDog team members and helping customers in any way she can. She manages Nintex & SPARKnit licensing or demo requests, works with customers on training, consulting, or licensing needs, and oversees the entire business operations of TekDog. Kerry is also a proud veteran of the US Army. Need a notary? She can help with that.

Jason Sexton

Jason Sexton is our Lead Expert. He hides in a dark room in the back of the office space and is allergic to dogs. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) with over 25 years’ experience in IT. In addition to keeping Jason Keller’s sarcasm in check, Jason helps extend TekDog solutions with knowledge in JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, jQuery, Java, XML, AWS, Oracle, PHP, CSS, and SQL data. When he’s not on a caffeine-fueled coding spree
he’s usually hunting for hot sauce, chicken wings and beer or a just a food truck.

Jason Keller

Jason Keller was the founder of TekDog in 2001. With over 20 years of experience in IT and 17 years of experience with SharePoint, Jason established a foundation of doing the right thing for customers and being the best at continually growing and learning in the business process automation world. In 2021, Jason decided to pursue another passion of his - custom van conversions! He sold the company to his long-time sidekick, Kerry Kicos. Although he no longer holds the presidential title at TekDog, he can still be heard in our training materials and is always just a phone call away!