Productivity Controls for Nintex Forms

Add-on feature to enhance Nintex Forms

Our Productivity Controls were developed to not only increase your productivity when working in Nintex Forms, but to help you complete tasks in Nintex Forms that you cannot complete today without them! We can help relieve some of your most common frustrations with Nintex Forms 2013, Nintex Forms 2016 and tested to work with Nintex Responsive Form Designer. You'll be able to capture more accurate form data, calculate record sets not connected to a form, receive real-time validation & error alerts, and will no longer need the Nintex Repeating Section control. That's just to name a few features!

Electronic Signature Control

Our Electronic Signature Control will allow users to electronically sign a Nintex Form. It works on internal Nintex Forms (not Nintex Live) and is mobile and touch-screen friendly too!

Subform Control

Create Data Relationships in SharePoint!

Create parent-child relationships to bound data in lists and libraries. Yes, it's possible!
⇒ Eliminate the need for the Nintex Repeating Section control.
⇒ View/Add/Edit/Delete related list data in your Nintex Form.
⇒ Data is no longer stuck in XML using our SubForm Control!

Aggregate Control

Use the Aggregate Control with our SubForm Control to provide column-level aggregate functions like sums, averages, and standard deviation functionality. Use the Aggregate Control without the SubForm Control to provide calculations on your form for record sets not connected to your form.

Mask Control

This control ensures that you receive the correct data on your Nintex Forms as SharePoint does NOT include data masks. Apply over 20 masks to a common text field like phone number, postal code, email address, etc. Runs Validation in real-time & alerts user to an error immediately under the incorrectly formatted field.

Query String Text Box Control

Our Query String Text Box Control allows you to pass values between Nintex Forms, so that you may build more complex solutions like wizards and multi-page forms!

Add New Button Control

This will allow you to create a child record from a parent record source within a modal control by simply clicking a button from a parent record. Use this control in conjunction with our Subform control or by itself, this control allows you to create more robust data solutions in SharePoint/Nintex!

Productivity Controls Pricing

Cost includes annual support and up to four SharePoint web front end server licenses.

  • $3,995 for up to 4 SharePoint WFE server licenses

  • $699 Annual Cost for Support (Optional)

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