Nintex Workflow Inline Functions

Having trouble trying to understand how to use the various Nintex Workflow inline functions? You're not alone! We created this brief course to help you learn these powerful tools in your workflow designs.
Nintex Workflow Inline Functions

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Nintex Workflow Inline Functions
    • Abs
    • Currency
    • DateDiffDays
    • DateDiffHours
    • DateDiffMin
    • DateDiffSeconds
    • FormatDate
    • Insert
    • Length
    • NewGuid
    • Max
    • Mid
    • Min
    • PadLeft
    • PadRight
    • Power
    • Remove
    • Round
    • SubString
    • ToTitleCase
    • ToLower
    • ToUpper
    • Trim

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