Our Nintex 2016 Course is Off the Hook Good!

  • Nintex Forms

    Learn how to create responsive and classic forms, simple through advanced using Nintex Forms.

  • Nintex Workflow

    Build simple and complex business workflows for your data using Nintex Workflow.

  • Advanced Concepts

    Learn advanced concepts for forms and workflows including using JavaScript to create an automation hub.

Course Curriculum

    1. Using TekDog University

    2. Before you get started

    3. Activating the Site Collection Features

    4. Setting up your lab

    5. Activating the Site Features

    6. Overview of our Course and Instructor

    1. Overview of Training Request Business Case

    2. Creating our Training Request List

    3. Overview of the Responsive Form Designer

    4. Overview of the Classic Form Designer

    5. Building our First Nintex Form

    6. Branding your form

    7. Basic Formatting Rule

    8. Basic Validation Rule

    9. Adding a validation rule for requiring a field based on a currency field

    10. Setting Default Values

    11. Publishing Forms

    12. Catering Request Business Case

    13. Creating the Catering Request List

    14. Intial Form Layout

    15. Update the Form Branding

    16. Creating a Calculated Field

    17. Validation rule based on calculation

    18. Leave Request Brain Teaser Requirements

    19. Leave Request List

    20. Leave Request Solution

    1. Training Request Enhancements Business case

    2. Building the Departments List

    3. Adding the Department Column

    4. Using Lookups in Calculated Fields

    5. Parsing a Lookup

    6. Creating a Form Variable

    7. User Profile Lookup

    8. Creating the Training Request Repeating Section

    9. Using the Sum function with a calculated field

    10. Updating Rules to use calculated values

    11. Catering Request Enhancements

    12. Adding the Department Field

    13. Querying the Department Accounting Code

    14. Adding in Dietary Repeating Section

    15. Creating a Smart Phone Layout

    16. Leave Request Enhancements Brain Teaser

    17. Leave Request Solution- Brain Teaser

    1. New Form Wizard Business Case

    2. Creating the Form Category List

    3. Creating the Master Forms List

    4. Creating the New Form Wizard List

    5. Lookup New Form URL

    6. Inserting JavaScript Behind a Button Action

    7. Accessing the New Form Wizard

    8. Advanced Form Redirect

    9. My Forms List

    1. Nintex Workflow Overview

    2. Workflow Actions Overview

    3. Training Request Business Case

    4. Create Out of Office Calendar

    5. Configuring the Send Notification Workflow Action

    6. Configure a Flexi Task

    7. Flexi Task Settings

    8. Creating OOO Event

    9. Confirmation Messages

    10. My Workflow Tasks

    11. Testing the Training Workflow

    12. Training Enhancements

    13. Creating a Security Group

    14. Setting a Conditional Statement

    15. Using Query List

    16. Assigning a Flexi Task to a Dynamic Approver

    17. Preparing for HR Approval State

    18. HR Approval

    19. Testing Our TrainingRequest Workflow

    20. Catering Request Business Case

    21. Creating a SharePoint Security Group

    22. Creating our Workflow and send notifications

    23. Restricting Access

    24. Retrieving the organizers managers information

    25. Assigning Task to Organizers Manager

    26. Setting a Condition

    27. Assigning Tasks to Groups

    28. Finalizing Messaging

    29. Testing our Catering Workflow

    30. Leave Request Workflow - Brain Teaser

    31. Leave Request Solution

    1. Overview of State Machines

    2. Turning Off our Linear Workflow

    3. Creating a New State Machine Workflow

    4. Set Workflow Status

    5. Configuring the Manager State

    6. Configuring the Department State

    7. Configuring the HR State

    8. Configuring the Initiator State

    9. Configuring the Approval State

    10. Testing State Machine

    11. Using Action Sets

    12. Updating Catering Request to be State Machine

    13. Adding a State Machine

    14. Arranging our Workflow

    15. Organizer Manager State

    16. Finish State Machine Configuration

    17. Testing Workflow

    18. Leave Request Brain Teaser

    19. Leave Request Brain Teaser Solution

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