Having Trouble Learning Runtime Functions?

Nintex Forms provides the ability to use Runtime Functions for both rules as well as calculated fields. Although these functions are very powerful, they need to be configured in a precise way... or, you guessed it... no workie! This course will help you through the little tips and tricks to use runtime functions for your rules and calculations.

Course Curriculum

    1. How To- Avg

    2. How To- convertToDate

    3. How To- Count

    4. How To- Currency

    5. How To- dateAddDays

    6. How To- dateAddHours

    7. How To- dateAddMinutes

    8. How To- dateAddMonths

    9. How To- dateDiffDays

    10. How To- dateDiffHours

    11. How To- dateDiffMinutes

    12. How To- endsWith

    13. How To- Equals

    14. How To- formatDate

    15. How To- greaterThan

    16. How To- greaterThanOrEqual

    17. How To- isNullOrEmpty

    18. How To- isNumeric

    19. How To- length

    20. How To- lessThan

    21. How To- lessThanOrEqual

    22. How To- Lookup

    23. How To- Max

    24. How To- Min

    25. How To- Not

    26. How To- parseLookup

    27. How To- round

    28. How To- rows

    29. How To- startsWith

    30. How To- subString

    31. How To- Sum

    32. How To- toLower

    33. How To- toTitleCase

    34. How To- toUpper

    35. How To- Trim

    36. How To- userProfileLookup

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