• Are your courses live or self-paced?

    We offer both Live and on-demand training with on-demand training being the most popular choice. Our TekDog University online, on-demand training is video based training. Unlike most online, on-demand training that you may have taken in the past, TDU is structured and includes hands-on exercises that students complete in the training lab environment (which we include for most courses!).

  • For your on-demand courses, how long do I have access?

    It depends on what your purchase. Typically our courses are available in 60-day or 1-year duration. We recommend opting for the 1-year plan as most people who purchase 60-days often upgrade to 1-year access.

  • Do your courses come with a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes, after successfully completing a course in TekDog university you will earn a certificate of completion..

  • Do you offer support for your courses if I run into any issues or questions?

    Yes! We offer amazing support for our customers. We have U.S.-based support available during business hours (M-F 8 AM-5 PM EST) and limited availability to support after hours as well. All questions are responded to well within 24 hours.

  • Do you answer “Other” general questions for your on-demand students?

    We will do our best to assist with questions beyond what our training covers. If it’s a little more involved than a quick answer, we offer coaching and consulting services.

  • What audience are your courses designed for?

    We design our courses to instruct anyone looking to learn Nintex. From business users, admins, and developers, our courses will teach you everything you need to know about Nintex products and creating Nintex solutions.

  • Do you provide “Developer” training?

    Yes we do! Most of our Nintex training courses are taken by developers. Nintex is generally a no-code solution, however you can expand beyond using Nintex Forms. We offer our Advanced Programming for Nintex Forms course as a live instructor led course. Check our courses for the next available offering.

  • How long does it take to complete an on-demand course?

    It really depends on the course and the student. Courses are self-paced and can be completed over a couple days or over a week or two. Our courses are very detailed and focus on building skills over the duration of the course.

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