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This solution will swiftly filter information from your database, displaying a list of providers within a designated radius either internally to your team members, or externally to potential clients. Either way, this functionality saves a ton of time and manual sorting.

Customizable Form

The form displays a variety of search criteria, tailored to your company. This can assist your internal team, providing the ability to do reporting on your network capabilities. For example, there are 1500 providers within a 10 miles radius of Atlanta. Additionally, a potential customer might search for a report with that information before doing business with your company.

Search Results

You can search for providers by using a variety of search criteria: last name, partial name, address, city, state, or zip. Selecting a specific distance will limit the results to providers in that proximity. Other criteria that are specific to your industry could be listed as additional fields.

Advanced Customizations

Search is not limited to one zip code at a time. Multiple zipcodes can be used to save the user time in having to complete several searches. Should additional functionality be needed, TekDog can deliver! You also have options as to how the application is accessed: as a browser-based application, incorporated into an existing website, or as a mobile app.

Individual Provider Detail

Report results are able to be downloaded in
Comma-Separated Value (CSV) format which is presentable using many typical office applications such as Microsoft Excel.
Results can also be printed using your browser's print features.