Solution Consulting

The TekDog team has been consulting on Microsoft and Open Source technologies for over 25 years. We consult on solution development using the Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. We have extensive experience in medical, real estate, government, banking, education, manufacturing, legal, food service, power and gas, and hospitality industries. Our extensive experience in the automation space means we can architect and implement your solutions with reduced cost and exceptional ROI.
Solution Consulting

SharePoint and Office 365 Consulting

  • Form Development

    We leverage tools like Nintex, Spark, and PowerApps to create custom forms for SharePoint and Office 365

  • Workflow Development

    We leverage tools like Nintex, Spark, and Flow to build business processes for SharePoint and Office 365.

  • Custom Code

    We can extend our solutions leveraging technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java, .NET and more.

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Custom Nintex Controls

We are the only Nintex partner who is actively creating custom Nintex Form controls in the world. Not only do we have the expertise to create custom controls, but we can also help in designing and implementing simple to advanced Nintex form solutions including advanced CSS, JavaScript and jQuery solutions using Nintex Forms. Our consultants are highly experienced, averaging over 20 years IT consulting experience.
Custom Nintex Controls

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What our consulting customers are saying

“Jason is a great resource and very easy to work with. He asks questions to make sure the project at hand is fully understood and he works efficiently to get it accomplished. He is also a good teacher and explains things so that it can be understood. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs technical expertise!”

Ryan S.Ryan S.

“I was recently introduced to TekDogU and their services when my company started using Nintex Forms & Workflows and we had no training in house available. I initially signed up just for the training and have thoroughly enjoyed doing these well laid out training plans. With introduction of the new O365 training this now matched what version my company was running which does make it easy to match the screens in my environment. Again well laid out and follows a logical step by step progression. Very enjoyable way of training being able to pick up and start again after pauses to test what you learn. Any issues that I found in my training examples (example in a State Machine) were responded to within 24 hours by the TekDogU trainer Jason Keller which was an excellent response time. I also found that whilst the video training gives you a good grounding in how Nintex works it did not resolve all my real world issues of my company workflows and I needed more. With the help of TekDogU’s CFO Kerry Kicos I was introduced to one of their software developers Jason Sexton for some one on one coaching to help resolve some of the trickier aspects of our workflow design. We covered areas that are not done in the videos such as setting up URL links to List Forms and to using expressions to format comments from responses into report readable outputs. It has been a joy to work with Jason as we initially had to overcome the distances and timezone differences (he is in the mid US and I am on the east coast of Australia). This approach works well for me with 2 hours of coaching then working on my own until the next session to see if I can resolve any of the issues that our business process has thrown up (and there were many). This two phased approach to learning new software has been excellent for me as it has fast tracked my ability to do design work in the Nintex Forms & Workflows for O365 in a very short space of time”

David W.David W.