What You'll Learn...

Don't be fooled by the FREE cost. The following course includes content from our top tier paid training product for Nintex. This course will give you the skills to get started with both Nintex Forms & Workflow.

  • Overview of Responsive and Classic form designer

  • Building and branding your Nintex Forms.

  • Creating Formatting and Validation Rules

  • Overview of the Nintex Workflow Designer

  • Using dynamic workflow content in messaging

  • Building and testing your workflows

Course Curriculum

    1. Using TekDog University

    2. Before you get started

    3. Activating the Site Collection Features

    4. Setting up your lab

    5. Activating the Site Features

    6. Overview of our Course and Instructor

    1. Overview of Training Request Business Case

    2. Creating our Training Request List

    3. Overview of the Responsive Form Designer

    4. Overview of the Classic Form Designer

    5. Building our First Nintex Form

    6. Branding your form

    7. Continue the course...

    1. Nintex Workflow Overview

    2. Workflow Actions Overview

    3. Training Request Business Case

    4. Create Out of Office Calendar

    5. Configuring the Send Notification Workflow Action

    6. Configure a Flexi Task

    7. Flexi Task Settings

    8. Continue the course

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  • 21 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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